"My job gives me encouragement. When I was at home without a job, I was really sad and depressed; but now, I have hope."

From her picture alone, you can see that Adeline has a contagious joy.  Through her employment with Vi Bella, she restored her dignity, and along with it, her joy. Adeline has been with Vi Bella since the beginning. “I love my job, and I love every part of it!”

"Having this job makes me happy. Seeing that I am in good health and my family is in good health as well as being able to provide for them makes me extremely happy."

Adeline is a light in the life of those around her, and we are blessed to have her as part of our talented team of Vi Bella Artisans. You can support Adeline and her fellow artisans by shopping with Vi Bella. Each piece is handmade by an artisan in Haiti or Mexico. Our artisans are paid a fair wage that helps them provide food, clothing, shelter and education for themselves and their children.  They work in a safe, encouraging environment and receive emotional and spiritual support through their friendships with their co-workers and site managers. 

Join The Vi Bella Movement and help artisans like Adeline restore their joy!