At Vi Bella, it is our goal is to provide a pathway out of poverty for those who do not have access to stable employment. With every Artisan we employ, it is our hope that they become more independent and capable of providing for themselves and their families.

While we can’t personally introduce you to our incredible team of Artisans, we think the next best thing is sharing their stories. Taking the time to understand each story, sheds light on Vi Bella’s mission and vision. Our Artisans are the center of all that we do. With each story that we share, the easier it is to see that Vi Bella’s work goes beyond the jewelry we create.

We are excited to share an interview with Anise, one of Vi Bella’s talented Artisans. She is intelligent, friendly and skilled with intricate beading. She takes pride in her work and is confident in her craftsmanship.

How did you get involved with Vi Bella?

    “After I graduated high school, I did not have enough money to go to university, so I begin looking for work. I knew Gerard, a Vi Bella Artisan, from the community of Simonette and I asked him if Vi Bella was hiring.”

    What is your story? Tell us more about you.

      “I was born and raised in Source Matela, Haiti. My father worked to raise my older sister and I. He lost his job when I started high school. I had come too far to stop going to school, so I started to work as a vendor in the market to pay for school. When I graduated high school, I wasn’t able to pay for university because it was much more expensive. This led me to finding a job with Vi Bella.”

      What brings you joy?

        “I love waking up in the morning knowing I have a job. I love coming to work. Coming to work everyday means I will have the ability to take care of myself and my family.”

        What are your hopes for the future?

          “I hope to become an even better Artisan. I’d also like to one day be married and have kids.”

          What is the most fulfilling part of your employment with Vi Bella?

            “I love seeing our customers come to the shop and buy our products. When customers buy, I know that means the business is advancing and we still have jobs.”