Meet Fernanda, the Director of Artisan Well-Being at Vi Bella. Fernanda's main focus is creating a positive, Christ centered workplace, one that supports the entire Vi Bella team. She leads weekly bible studies and prayer with the artisans and coordinates counseling resources as needed. Fernanda also oversees all production, ensuring quality of product, organization of shipping and communicating with home office staff. 
Can you tell me a bit about yourself? How did you get involved with Vi Bella? 
I'm married to Josué Contreras, and we have 2 beautiful children: Andrés (8 years old) and Zoé (almost 6 years old). We have 9 years of marriage.
I'm an ordained pastor of the Methodist Church, but I'm not pastoring. I love to be in contact with the people who's struggling, with the ones that suffer, 'cause I understand that my call is to walk with them.
I just finished my ThM in Pekins School of Theology in Dallas, Tx. And I live in Apodaca, Nuevo León, with my family, trying to be happy and to live and serve others.
What about this job brings you joy? 
What I enjoy most is the opportunity to teach and learn from these women. They are really brave, and I love to be close and have the opportunity to be part of their lives and families.
What have you learned so far in this position?
I've learned that no matter what, we're women of faith and we're fighters. I've also learned that God is with us, and that he never gives up on us. I've found that in the community of women there's a strong power that keep us united and give us the strength to continue.
Is there an artisan story that inspires you?
All of them have very inspirational lives. I love the faith and persistence of Jenny, the resilience of Nela, the enthusiasm in the middle of troubles of Evelyn, and the loyalty of Isabel. They've taught me so many things, and I'm grateful for their presence in my life.