At Vi Bella, it is our goal is to provide a pathway out of poverty for those who do not have access to stable employment. With every Artisan we employ, it is our hope that they become more independent and capable of providing for themselves and their families.

While we can’t personally introduce you to our incredible team of Artisans, we think the next best thing is sharing their stories. Taking the time to understand each story, sheds light on Vi Bella’s mission and vision. Our Artisans are the center of all that we do. With each story that we share, the easier it is to see that Vi Bella’s work goes beyond the jewelry we create.

We are excited to share an interview with Jenny one of Vi Bella’s talented Artisans working in Mexico. 

Tell us about yourself:

    I have been working with Vi Bella for 3 years.  I live with my daughter, and I enjoy cooking and reading. 

    What inspires you?

    My work inspires me. My favorite part is putting the pieces together. The most difficult part is cutting paper for paper beads. 

    What would you like to tell potential customers about you or your work?

    ViBella is the best! Keep buying!

    How has (or will) this work helped you and/or your family?

    There has been a lot of ways in which ViBella has helped me, the most important: Pay for my daughter’s education.

    What are your plans or dreams for your future?

    I would like to keep working and finish college and keep growing as a person.