Meet Jasmine, a vital member of our Artisan team in Haiti. Jasmine is a pattern and fabric cutter at Vi Bella, who has been with us for almost two years. She lives in a community for the deaf with her children in housing that was built by the Mission of Hope several years ago. Her sister, Adeline, who is also deaf and lives in the same neighborhood, is also a fabric cutter at Vi Bella. Adeline's son, Jasmine's nephew, is Vi Bella’s full time deaf interpreter. We love the opportunity to offer an entire family life-changing employment. 

Vi Bella’s Founder, Julie, shares, “Jasmine is eager to do her work well and is always ready to learn new things. I love her bright and ready smile when I walk into the space where she is working. I especially love when she tries to help me learn words in sign language and her kind hospitality when visiting her home.”

Keep reading to learn more about Jasmine and the impact that employment has had on her life. 

Q: When did you start working for Vi Bella? 

A: “I worked for 3 Cords from August 2012 to September 2017. Then I started my new contract with Vi Bella in September 2017 until now.”

Q: When did you graduate from High School? 

A: “I didn’t complete my high school study. I went to school at “Institut Saint Monfort” located on Rue Saint Martin, Port au Prince, Haiti. I studied sewing at that same school as it is a special school for mute and deaf people.”

Q: Do you have another activity beside your work here? 

A: “Yes, I do. Beside my work with Vi Bella, I work at home, sewing dresses for girls especially school uniforms for my children and other children in my neighborhood.”

 Q: How do you like your work for Vi Bella? 

A: “I deeply appreciate my work with Vi Bella. It’s through my work I get the opportunity to take care of my 3 children and pay my house rent. This is such a great blessing for me as a single mother to have a job to take care of my family. My husband left the country 10 years ago. Since then I am taking care of my kids’ education and daily needs alone. It’s also through my work that I support my mom and two of my nephews. I really love my work at Vi Bella.” 

Jasmine is described as kind, patient and hardworking. She is a blessing to have on our artisan team and we are so thankful for her diligent work and kind spirit.