As many of you know, Haiti was hit by yet another massive earthquake that has devastated families and communities across the island. So many were impacted by the unthinkable. Please keep the people of Haiti in your prayers as many are struggling to rebuild their lives. If you feel called to donate, we want to provide you with some donation opportunities with organizations that we know are doing excellent work. 

Most of our artisans live in or around Port-Au-Prince, where the earthquake was strongly felt, however, did not appear to have done any major damage. Please pray for our artisans, though, as many still deal with after-effects from the earthquake in 2010 that left many of them with PTSD and amputated limbs from being trapped under rubble.

Give Hope Global, a good friend and partner to Vi Bella, provides for the basic needs of 250 children in two student villages near the town of Les Cayes, where the earthquake did the most damage.  Here is what they share, "Though none of our buildings collapsed, we cannot reoccupy them until the aftershocks have stopped and the buildings have been inspected by a qualified engineer.  As a result, our students and staff are all sleeping outside in whatever shelter we can provide. Our team on the ground is working steadily to insure the welfare of those we are responsible for and to position us to help as many more as we can.  We are also working with other relief organizations to optimize our impact."

We can't help but question just how much one country can take.  This comes just a little over a month after the assassination of Haiti's President and yesterday, Tropical Storm Grace hit the island as many were newly homeless from the earthquake and struggled to find shelter from the pelting rain and wind.  

We encourage any of our friends who would like to help to donate to Give Hope Global's relief efforts by texting haitiearthquake to 44-321 or by clicking this link.  

Mission of Hope Haiti. This organization has a provide track record with disaster response in Haiti. "Our Haitian Assessment Team is on the ground in the affected region and our medical team is assembled and helping those in need.

As the largest non-governmental healthcare provider in Haiti, Partners in Health immediately began organizing staff and supplies to respond. Click here to donate to their relief efforts.

Thank you for your ongoing support of our friends in Haiti. They need it now more than ever.