What do you love most about fall?  Is it the pumpkin spice, falling leaves, cooler temps aesthetic? Or is it simply that you love styling fall wardrobes - the jeans, the boots, the cardigans? I live in Florida, so both of these experiences are somewhat lost on me…well, at least until about December/January. However, I AM ready to style some new accessories. No matter the temps these pieces will not disappoint! Working for a jewelry company is tough, friends. I TRY to narrow down my favorites when I go to purchase at least for the first round of any given launch.  Here are my top picks!

Pierre Necklace

Sustainable Pearl Necklace

The prettiest little strand of freshwater pearls!  19” long with a 2” gold filled extender.  If you’ve been looking for a short pearl necklace that’s stunning on its own but also plays well with all your layering necklaces, your search has ended!  The high quality of this piece ensures it will be with you for years to come. A pearl necklace like this will never go out of style.  Definitely worthy of a space in my jewelry box. 

Fanfan Earrings

Horn Earrings Jewelry Made in Haiti

Adding to my horn collection with these beauties!  It’s so fun knowing that each pair is completely unique and varies from black to ivory and all shades in between.

Yliomene Bracelets

Gold beaded bracelets, made in Haiti, modern jewelry for minimalist women

Wear with all and wear forever.  We’re upping our game by adding gold filled pieces to our collection! These gold filled beads have real gold bonded to the base metal, ensuring that your jewelry will stand the test of time and not tarnish, as long as you take proper care of it.

Bengy Earrings

Small affordable gold earrings for women, dangly

Can you tell I have a thing for gold?  I’ve been waiting for these tiny best-selling earrings to make an appearance in gold and my patience has paid off! Add to cart!

Julia Crossbody in Black/Gold

Black crossbody bag purse for women

I’m gonna let you in on a little secret - I still do not own my own Julia Crossbody!  It’s been a customer favorite for years now and I, for some reason, have not treated myself to one of these perfect-sized bags. Well, once I saw the new black waterproof canvas with the gold accessories, I knew I had to have it.  So chic, yet so practical with a fabric that can wipe clean.