We have the best customers! We had a feeling that our Vi Bella supporters were making a difference in their communities in big and small ways and we wanted to share those stories! This year, many of us have experienced hardship and difficulty. We want to fight against the bad news cycle and generate positivity heading into the New Year.

Meet some of our incredible supporters who are making a difference. We guarantee it will bring a smile to your face! 

Meet Jenny Albright

"I am part of an organization called Believe in Haiti where we are working to improve the lives of the citizens in Saint Roch. We are hoping for good incomes by providing schooling, feeding clinics, farming, sewing and English classes. We are currently building a community center. This will further our mission to help Haitians better themselves. We will hold our classes and feeding clinic there." - Jenny Albright 


Meet Bethany Kirkman

"I like to encourage others. For the last year and a half I have been praying for and sending daily text messages with scripture or positive sayings to a dear friend going through a very difficult season. Within doing this for one friend, I have been encouraged to do it for others that I know. We all face difficult days and many that no one else knows about so for me to follow my heart's leadings and pass on encouragement to others has not only touched them but me as well." - Bethany Kirkman


Meet Angela Quinn, Founder of Give Hope Global

"I am working to give hope and bring lifelong change through the power of the Good News, good health, good education, and good jobs. I aim to help people in difficult circumstances become all that their ambition and God given talent will allow them to be."


Meet Jennifer Burmester - Submission from Her Friend, Sarah Donegan

Jen is a busy mom who formed a non profit, The Giving Village, to help people in need in our area. Jen works with local school counselors to find out needs-money for bills, food, and other ways they can help local families. She is a selfless giver with a heart that wants to bless everyone around her!

Meet Dawn Beller - Submission From Her Daughter Brandi McMorris

"My family recently lost our home in a fire. I remember walking through the house wondering where we were going to stay and what were we going to do next. Within an hour after the fire had been put out, my mom walked in and said her and my two nieces had cleaned out the toy room at her house that we could live with her until our new home was rebuilt. This was a rent free home that our two young boys were comfortable in. She said she didn’t want them going to an unfamiliar place since they just lost the only home they’ve every known. This is just a small glimpse of how my mom sacrifices her comfort and space to help those in need. My mom is quiet and only helps behind the scenes. She hates to be in the spotlight but boy does she shine. She has been through a lot in her life time. She’s faced adversity since she was very young and handles it with grace."