This summer as you are redecorating, throwing celebrations or wanting to add unique touches to your home consider a few of our current favorites from our Home Goods collection. These wonderful baskets, bowls, artwork and goods will add to your home while helping to provide other artisans with a platform to sell their goods in the U.S. Keep scrolling to see what amazing items could be yours. Time to get decorating! 

Woven Baskets 

Erica and team - Erica and her team of skilled basket-weavers have been honing their craft for many years!  Weaving seagrass and strips of latania palm over a metal frame, they produce one of the sturdiest/high-quality baskets you’ll ever own.  Their baskets are sustainable; using fast-growing organic materials and recycled metal. Take a look at their handiwork on most of our basket offerings; including the Laundry Tub, Wall Basket Set, and the Tall Planter Basket.

Artisan Woven Baskets

Wood Crafted Goods

Robensen and his team live and work in south Haiti and focus primarily on wood and coconut crafting.  Vi Bella has been partnering with Robensen for many years for coconut earrings.  With the addition of our home goods line, we definitely wanted to get our hands on the beautiful wood bowls he and his team were producing! Robensen strives to provide good jobs for the young men in his community so they have the ability to learn a trade that will hopefully carry them through life. On Aug 14, 2021, a large earthquake struck the area in which Robensen and his team live and work, reducing many of their homes and their workshop to rubble.  They have been slowly working to rebuild, thanks in part to donations from Vi Bella supporters! Below are a few carefully crafted pieces that are simple but elegant pieces you will use time and time again. The Jude Cheese Board and the Wooden Bowls are must haves for every home! 

Artisan Made Wood Carved Bowls from Haiti

Handcrafted Horn 

Mr. Lafond is a long-time partner of Vi Bella. We have looked to him and his team to produce gorgeous horn pieces for jewelry.  Once we expanded to home goods, the horn dishes and utensils as well as beautiful wood and horn serving pieces they create were at the top of our list! Horn in Haiti is ethically sourced, sanded, and polished for a unique piece of art.  Colors can range from ivory, tan, brown and black, or any combination of these for a piece that is one of a kind. Here's what Mr. Lafond has to say about your support, "Vi Bella has been a great partner for my workshop. We want to thank all of the customers that support our work. Because of you we are able to employ 30 artisans all year round." Thank you for supporting Haitian artisans using traditional skills.  Mr. Lafond and his team have created gorgeous pieces for us like the Horn Butter Dish With Knife, the beautiful Horn Coaster Set and our favorite the Horn Spoons which can be used as unique serving spoons which are of course food safe, ready for you to add to your table displays this summer! 


Hand Crafted Haitian Horn Home Goods

Repurposed Metal 

Jhonson and his team of metal workers hail from the “metal capital of Haiti”- Croix-des-Bouquets, a suburb of Port-au-Prince. If you have ever traveled to this area, you know that you will hear the chorus of metal being hammered and chiseled from numerous metal artisans well before you arrive.  The metal is cut by hand from recycled oil drums. Recycled metal art has become an art that is very unique to Haiti. This summer we have beautiful pieces to add to your home like the Metal and Macrame Wall Art Set perfect above a bed to act like a whimsical boho headboard, or on any wall in need of a statement art piece. Another beautiful piece from Jhonson and his team is the Metal Welcome Sign that is a beautiful statement piece to have on a patio, backyard garden or right above your entrance way.