Vi Bella Serves is our sister non profit group.

The majority of the money raised through Vi Bella Serves goes directly toward school sponsorships for our Vi Bella artisans’ children. We are also able to donate back to our artisans’ communities in various ways through Vi Bella Serves, Inc., the non-profit arm of Vi Bella Jewelry.

In  addition to the life-changing employment provided to our artisans, Vi Bella Serves provides supplemental support to individuals and communities in Haiti and Mexico.

We are a U.S.-based non-profit 501(c)(3) that provides school sponsorships for children in Haiti.  We also provide housing and medical assistance to help lift Haitian families out of extreme poverty.  More than 60 children rely on our sponsorships to continue their education. We have also funded the construction of a much-needed new building in a Haitian orphanage, helped build or improve housing for artisans, and assist artisans and members of their communities with health care and basic needs.

We have no administrative costs, so every dollar donated goes directly to a person in need.  We promise to be faithful stewards with the funds provided.

We can share many stories of hope restored because of the generous donations given through Vi Bella Serves. Recently we were able to help Marie Rose with medical expenses due to a pregnancy with complications. Marie Rose  delivered a healthy baby boy! Both mom and baby are doing well. Other donations are helping Marie Yolaine complete the home she has been building for herself and her family.

We also helped an artisan purchase a small generator so she could build her own business.

We invite you to be part of these beautiful stories, meeting  the immediate needs in the communities where we serve. If you would like to donate to Vi Bella Serves, providing funds that will directly impact the needs of Vi Bella artisans and their communities, please click the donate button and join the beautiful story.