Attendees of Better Together Event in Sioux Center, IA

On June 6th, Many Hands for Haiti and Vi Bella held an event in Sioux Center, Iowa, the home base of Vi Bella, to announce an exciting new partnership between the two Iowa-based social entities.  The community really showed their support; the event was sold out and additional tables even had to be brought in!  During the event, the attendees learned about the resilence of the Haitian people, the dire need for jobs in Haiti, and even got to "travel" to a Haitian virtually with the use of VR headsets.  Through this partnership, Vi Bella artisans will share their knowledge and expertise to help train individuals within Many Hands for Haiti's communities in the central plateau of Haiti.  After all, we are Better Together and through working together, we can empower more at-risk individuals to pave their own path out of poverty.

We were blown away with the response.  Donations were collected in support of this project that far surpassed our goals.  Due to the generosity of the attendees, we were able to spring into action.  This past week, four Vi Bella artisans traveled from Port-au-Prince to Cap Haiten, a five hour trip, to train women that live in rural communities where jobs are scarce. They spent the week teaching them basic beading skills and their designs will soon be available for purchase on our website. We are thrilled for this opportunity to partner with MH4H to grow our reach and provide employment for more individuals in need.

Vi Bella artisans training new employees.

"On behalf of Vi Bella, I would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your attendance at our Better Together fundraiser with Many Hands for Haiti on June 6th," says Vi Bella Founder/CEO, Julie Hulstein. "Your support and presence truly made the event a success, and we are immensely grateful for your partnership.It was a joy to connect with you all and to see the incredible turnout. We are overwhelmed by the sense of unity and shared vision that was palpably present throughout the event."

Thank you once again for joining us on this journey. With your support, we continue to work towards a Beautiful Life for all.


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