Life looks significantly different for a lot of us right now. As our world is in a state of extreme uncertainty and many of you are experiencing life in a way you never have before, we want to tell you we care. We stand with you in prayer for everyone affected in ways unimaginable only weeks ago.
So many things are out of our control at this time, and we hand over the most important issues to the one who is in control and who is good! What can we do as a community?
  1. Begin by taking your fears captive and asking God to control your thoughts. Spend some extra time in prayer and the Word. Quiet your mind and spirit and listen to truth. "Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you." I Peter 5:7
  2. Give thanks for what is good in your life. Start an ongoing "Thankful For..." list. Have a daily share time with someone in which you relate something positive about your day, no matter how small. 
  3. Acknowledge that this is difficult/different and talk through your real concerns with a loving and trusted family member or friend to process how you can find solutions to cope. 
  4. Find something to laugh about and share it with someone, silly videos or gifs... Anything to get that belly laugh. 
  5. Pay it forward. If you have extra cleaning supplies, toilet paper, tissues, or meals, share with someone who might need it. Something as simple as leaving a bag of supplies on an elderly neighbor's doorstep or a care package of food for a neighbor whose children depend on school lunches could be just the boost they need. 
  6. Read a story to kids over a video call. As a bonus, it may give their parent a little reprieve. 
  7. Send encouraging notes to teachers and professors who are learning "on the fly" to teach online/remotely. 
  8. Encourage health professionals in ANY way you can think of. 
  9. Take care of yourself. If you are at home more than normal, do some sort of exercise or activity to keep moving. (I love the Down Dog yoga app, which is free right now.) 
  10. Support small businesses who are struggling because of the economic fallout of the COVID-19 crisis. If you can order online to help keep their business afloat, please do. 
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There will be a day on the other side of this crisis. Let's be sure we are living today in a way that helps us grow and envision a better tomorrow.  
With much love and appreciation for your ongoing support,
Julie Hulstein
Founder, CEO Vi Bella