As participation in the Ethical Fashion Movement becomes increasingly more important, we recognize the significance of creating awareness about the numerous ways one can get involved. Whether it is by donating to the cause or switching to an ethically-sourced wardrobe, there are many simple ways to make yourself an involved member of the ethical fashion community. We have included five tips that make joining the ethical fashion movement effortless. 

Shop With Brands Who Do Good 

The Ethical Fashion Movement is on the rise which means there are plenty of brands out there that allow your purchase to have an impact. The ethical fashion space doesn’t have to be exclusive. There are numerous brands, ranging from affordable to high-end price points. Some brands we recommend are Noonday Collection, FashionABLE and 31 Bits. Of course you can always shop with us at Vi Bella too! These brands use sustainably sourced materials and pay their workers fair wages. 

Do Your Research 

It is important to be informed about the cause you are supporting. Find out what is going on in the fashion space and learn more about why the ethical fashion movement is so important. Fashion Revolution is an excellent resource for those who are looking for more information. They provide helpful information including, background on the movement, how-to guides, and ways to take action. 

Ask Hard Questions 

Check-in and make sure you are supporting brands that have clear standards. Many brands have an FAQ section on their website that should answer any questions you have about their manufacturing process. If not, don’t be afraid to ask! Reach out to the brand directly if you have further questions. It is important to ensure a brand’s processes are ethical and meet your standards. Make it your mission to shop exclusively with brands that make their production processes transparent to customers. 

Follow Ethical Fashion Activists on Social Media

One of the easiest ways to involve yourself in the ethical fashion movement is by following those who support it. There are hundreds of ethical fashion activists who are active on various social media platforms. Social media offers an easy way for you to follow those who support the cause. Their posts may spark inspiration for your ethical fashion wardrobe or provide you with new ideas for places to shop. Some of our favorite ethical fashion activists are @consciousnchic and @stylemefair. Their content is centered around creating an ethical and sustainable wardrobe while still remaining fashionable. 

Donate to the Cause

Donating to organizations that support the ethical fashion movement is a great way to get involved. Organizations like Fashion Revolution work to secure a change in the way the fashion industry operates. Your donation to organizations like these allows them to reach a greater audience and inspire people to think differently about the way their clothes are produced. Even a small donation to these organizations can create a notable difference. If you are a firm believer in what Vi Bella is doing, consider donating to our sister non-profit, Vi Bella Serves. Click here to get involved and support our artisans. 

While it can often feel overwhelming and like there is no good place to start, the good news is, we are all in a position to support ethical fashion in some way shape or form. A collaborative effort of women making small changes has the potential to create big picture lasting impact. Feel empowered by the ways that you can join the cause and advocate for those who make your clothes.