The holidays are almost here. Cue the Christmas music and get decorating! Everywhere you look there is wrapping paper, candles and lots of scotch tape. The arrival of the season is never subtle and our fast paced schedules can often feel frenzied and hectic. Add to that the desire to find the “perfect gift” and it is easy to see how the meaning of the holidays can be lost.

Holidays remind us of family, friends, and traditions as they share common threads of love, festivities, and the special moments that bind us together. This is the season to be grateful for all that we have been given throughout the year and in turn, appreciate those who support, encourage and uplift us on our journey.

Gift giving is a tradition that is built on appreciation. ‘Tis the season for gifts with meaning and we are seeking out kinder, gentler, more meaningful experiences in our lives. Every gift giver wants to see the receiver lights up when the ribbons come off. Where do we go when we are looking to make gift giving a more meaningful experience? How do we shop with purpose? Holidays remind us to give not just from our wallets but from our hearts.

Keep reading for some practical ways to give meaningful gifts this holiday season. 

  • Give Selflessly. Give your time, your love, and your gifts of the heart to someone else this holiday season. Visit a nursing home, take a meal to a neighbor, or adopt a family in need. These gifts of self aren’t limited to just one season and we are all called to always give the best of ourselves to others.

  • When You Shop, Think Small Business. Vi Bella was created to provide employment for artisans in Haiti and Mexico where before, little opportunity existed. That singular purpose defined a business model that allowed us to make gorgeous quality jewelry at a price all can afford.

  • Consider The Impact. When you shop with a business that gives back, each purchase connects you with a deeper sense of purpose. When you shop with Vi Bella, you share a gift that is handmade, personal and has a story. More than that, it helps provide an income for our artisan teams. Those are the gifts that stay in our hearts and define purposeful giving at its best.

  • Shop Local and Think Old School. Get out to take a walk and breathe in the crisp air. Listen to holiday music and experience the season! Stop scrolling through endless online catalogs. Step away from your computer and stop by that new art gallery that just opened on the corner, or stroll into that coffee shop that is displaying local pottery. Stop by that spice shop and buy some organic cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla for a friend who loves to bake. Local business is personal and interactive. You can walk into a small shop, meet the owners and see what they are offering. If you are near Sioux Center, come shop local at Vi Bella’s new boutique! We have everything you need to gift give purposefully this season. 

  • Support Businesses That Give Back. Today, consumers are seeking more ethical, sustainable and meaningful gifts that have purpose. Mission driven and thoughtful giving opportunities are becoming easier to find. WakaWaka makes a solar powered smartphone charger and for each product purchased, the company donates a solar powered light to child or family living without electricity. Toms has long been a leader is donating one pair of shoes for each pair purchased to someone in need. United By Blue removes one pound of trash from the world’s oceans and waterways for every product purchased. Purchases made that support a mission to help others in need deserve our support.

  • Get Personal. We all like knowing that someone took the time to find a personalized and thoughtful gift. Frame a photo of your parents first Christmas or a take a map of a favorite location to a local frame shop for a custom gift that shares a memory. Buy a handmade bowl and fill it with 365 memories, one to unravel each day of the year. When you give a personalized gift, you can make someone smile beyond the holiday season.  

The holiday season is a reminder that we all want and seek meaning in our daily lives, which includes how we shop. Seek and you will find ways to express gratitude and appreciation to those on your shopping list. Continue to explore opportunities to shop small, local, sustainable and ethical to bring a deeper meaning to the gifts you give.