At Vi Bella corporate, we are often asked the question, “Are you a ministry?” to which we answer “yes." The follow up question is then often, “Aren’t you a business?”  To this question, we also enthusiastically answer “yes!”

You might be asking, what is a mission-based business? At Vi Bella we have chosen to adopt this business strategy because it best helps us meet our company’s mission and goals. We want to serve those in need by providing sustainable jobs that will help the women and men employed by Vi Bella to better provide for their families.  We also desire to be profitable. This profit is not for the benefit of corporate shareholders or fancy offices. Instead we send our profits back to the communities where our women and men are employed in Haiti and in Mexico, touching even more people by providing education and better water systems, among other things.

Vi Bella is a self-sustaining ministry for two additional reasons. First, we want to empower the people we are trying to help. By providing jobs, we give our employees the dignity that comes with helping their own families and communities as opposed to the shame and uncertainty sometimes associated with handouts. Second, if we produce and sell a good product, we can sustain the ministry, freeing us from having to continually ask for donations.

In answer to answer the question, “Is Vi Bella a ministry or a business?” we emphatically answer “yes” to both. Our desire is to run a profitable business with a strategy that is pleasing to God and will serve His people. Our mission is to do this by providing well-paying, life-changing jobs that also allow us to share the love of Christ within the workplace and the communities in which we are based.  Thank you for choosing to be a part of this powerful and far-reaching mission-based business!