As Fashion Revolution Week comes to a close, we, at Vi Bella, want to take the time to acknowledge this powerful movement and the role that we can all play in the ongoing conversation on sustainable fashion. We want to take the time to recognize the brokenness of the fashion industry. Many workers are not paid living wages. They are working in horrific conditions in buildings that are not maintained or inspected. As a result, they are unable to create a life for themselves and their families.

Vi Bella was created out of this inherent desire to meet the needs of those living in poverty. Not only is it our mission to provide living wages and healthy working conditions, but with each Artisan we employ, we are taking steps toward redeeming the brokenness of the fashion industry. 

Our Artisans work in Haiti and Mexico, two countries that are known for their exploitation of workers in the fashion industry. Our centers are safe havens amidst work cultures that are anything but healthy. It is a joy to serve as a women owned business that provides stable and sustainable jobs to those in countries where these kind of employment opportunities are few and far between.

Vi Bella is about more than the jewelry and accessories we create. It is about creating beautiful lives for those who do not have the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty on their own. The very nature of our business is designed to answer the question, “Who Made Your Jewelry?” At Vi Bella, it is about the faces and the stories. It is about the people behind the product. It is about providing for those who need it most.

Sustainable fashion begins with the consumer. Each time you purchase something, whether it be clothing, handbags, or jewelry, you have the opportunity to ask yourself, “Does this contribute to something greater?” “Does this purchase have a positive impact?” When you shop with Vi Bella, the answer is always yes. Being a socially and environmentally conscious shopper isn’t an easy feat, but with a growing number of brands and businesses making it a priority, we have more opportunity to shop wisely, to shop with purpose.

The Fashion Revolution calls for transparency from the fashion industry. Transparency for Vi Bella means uncovering our Artisan’s stories and getting to know the depths and beauty of each Artisan’s life. It allows us to share stories of redemption, a motivating force behind all that we do. We acknowledge that the sustainable fashion movement goes beyond a week long advocacy event. At Vi Bella, we do everything in our power to make each day about the beautiful lives we are able to create through employment and sustainably made products.